A little pre-Christmas trip with my pre-schooler

And just like that BAM Christmas is over. With all the build up, excitement and most successful bribery tool (Santa wont come) gone for another year. I hope you all had lovely ones and that Santa did come!

Just before Christmas hit this year, my mum and I took little miss s to Norway to see my sister in the ballet, it was a girly trip, the first time that I have taken her anywhere on my own, the first proper time of leaving master R and her first time on a plane. And in true little miss s style she made it a trip to remember…

Her first little moment came when her bag had to go through the scanner…cue screams of “no, no, Elsa, Anna no, no my bag” along with tears, her little figures were in her bag and in her defence she had carried it all morning. I was however obviously distracted by these screams and left my phone in my back pocket so instead of being able to comfort her I was promptly frisked. Now, I have been frisked before, this frisk took on a whole new level – the lady was very thorough even to the point of feeling a little violated (hands in waistband!). It only took 5 minutes but the reason for this frisk soon became very clear for not only was little miss s harbouring Frozen figures but I apparently had forgotten to check my bag – a bag given to me to use by my own father. For in the side pocket of said bag was a serrated edged flip knife – yep a fully fledged flip knife Bear Grylls would be proud of. Cue red faces, stuttering from me and my mum and the knife was disposed of, they then proceeded to drug swab the bag… thank god I didn’t learn anything else about my Dad that day!!

Little miss s got over the security ordeal pretty quick and throughout the trip continued to entertain us, she sang at the top of her voice in the departure lounge, she has a little bit of a Jesus obsession at the moment so Away in a Manger was on repeat. We then boarded the plane and she was asking about the pictures on the back of the seat, “mum can we do that in a minute, can we do that in a minute” I explained that all of those things happened in an emergency and that we didn’t really want one… cue little miss s assuming the brace position! She full on copied the card and was ready to brace, her innocence and excitement was contagious and after initially worrying about keeping her entertained for 2 hours in one place we had a great time and I even managed to keep the iPad in the bag!

Once we had arrived in Norway she was amazed by the snow and her selective hearing seemed to worsen, mum and I could have walked off and left her, she wouldn’t have a clue, she was in her own little ‘Frozen’ heaven oblivious to everything. It was when we took her to the Ballet that she really went into her own world – my elder sister (the ballerina one!) had arranged for us to go back stage before we saw the performance of the Nutcracker. Little miss s, full strut followed Em round like a pro, she was treated to some glitter by the make up department before being allowed on the actual stage (at this point I was very glad that I was her mum – I mean I wouldn’t get this type of treatment, where kid goes, mum goes!!). Throughout the performance she was mesmerised and as we were in our own box pretended she was a ballerina tip-toeing back and for. Mind you, we very nearly missed it as in true little miss s style she decided she needed the loo just before curtain up… we ran, very fast! It was her very first experience of Ballet and she loved it – Auntie Em is her new hero and has actually achieved Elsa status in our house, for when little miss s wears her Elsa dress we get told “I am not S, I am Elsa” and when she wears her tutu we get “I am not S, I am Emma”.

The trip was a huge success, I was initially worried that after having so much attention for four days she would be the she beast when we got home, but in actual fact she has been the opposite. She has been kind(ish) to her brother, done what she has been told(ish) and has generally behaved more grown up (well, less like a stroppy two year old!). Although over night she seems to have developed a bit of an attitude and the ‘little miss s’isms’ have been coming thick and fast, my favourite so far… (whilst on the loo) “ah mum, you carry on playing I may be a while” my little girl is growing up and quickly.

The next trip away is planned for June, this time both Dan and master R will be tagging along, we’ll see how calm that plane journey is!!

my little travel buddy

my little travel buddy

the kid, the mum and the alpha mum!

the kid, the mum and the alpha mum!

my sister, the cover girl!

my sister, the cover girl!

opera house selfie

opera house selfie

on stage being shy (for once!)

on stage being shy (for once!)


the noise, oh the noise

There was one thing that was not mentioned when we discussed having children, yes we spoke about the sleepless nights, the poo and the sick and even the inevitable lack of social life. What we didn’t factor was the noise…

Today has been a day like no other, yes both kids were surprising well behaved, they didn’t do anything particularly naughty and they both ate all their tea but I find myself wound sooo tightly that bath and bed was done in record time! For today they have not stopped making noise! That’s what kids do I hear you all say, but this was not just any noise, this was little miss s waking at 6.15am and not actually stopping or being in another room until she dropped at 7pm tonight. That is over 12 HOURS!!!!! We had beautiful renditions of, of course ‘Let It Go’ and then a whole host of Christmas songs. We had ‘Mummy, say hello to Jesus’ a lot and at one point she was running around the house in a cape saying ‘I am super Linda’?!?!?! Linda? I don’t know where she gets these things. Add to this master r and his wingey teeth and its been like water torture, at one point whilst feeding the littlest (obviously little miss must sit on my feet for this) he was whining, she was singing, this stupid singing dog was singing, the radio was playing and the washing machine was doing that last cycle mental thing… I thought my head was going to explode. I escaped to the loo at one point only for little miss s to emulate Sheldon with “‘knock’ Mummy, ’Knock’ Mummy, ‘Knock’ Mummy, are you having a poo, do you need any help?” (side note, I was locked in the loo for some peace not even needing it!)

It made me think that yes, this is driving me mad but at any other time of my life pre-kids I may well have exploded in a cloud of swear words – I suppose this means that I may have developed a little of what they call patience and tolerance. With kids these two traits go hand in hand with every other ‘mum’ skill – they allow you to get through days like today and allow you to look forward to hearing ‘let it Go’ or ‘ Away in a Manager’ for the umpteenth time tomorrow. (although I am going on a plane with little miss s for 2 hours this week… I’m taking headphones!)

Today was a rare day, don’t get me wrong usually I like the chaos but for some reason today my head just wasn’t in the right place, that and the fact that Mum is now being said Mmmuuuummmm just grinded. Hence why both kids may have been bathed and put to bed a little earlier, the chocolate orange has been consumed (so I may be on number 5 before Christmas , oops) and I am staring at the Christmas drink trying to be good… and its quiet!

sometimes they make you wana...

sometimes they make you wana…

any interests?

The other day during an ever so grown up meeting about a mortgage we were asked a random question about what our hobbies were. Dan obviously mentioned that he played rugby and enjoyed fishing and then it was my turn…

I didn’t feel it was appropriate to say that my main hobby currently is drinking Prosseco with friends or even in my lazy clothes and enjoying the peace and quiet when the kids are asleep (aka avoiding my children)! These things are so important to me they have become my hobby… as I type I am having the most wonderful evening, the house is clean, the kids are fast asleep, Dan is out, candles are lit, I have a glass of squash (ok so my hobby may have caused a slight headache this morning so no fizz for me tonight!) soppy acoustic music (can I get a whoop whoop for Tracey Chapman!) is playing and I am gearing up to watch ‘I’m a Celeb’…

I think this officially means I need to get an interest! I used to play a lot of football and loved nothing more than having a kick about followed by a pint on a cold winters evening, I used to enjoy going out into town for a good’ol dance and Dan and I could often be found parked up on the side of a beach road in Devon for an evening of fish and chips and a mornings surf ( I say surf, more like drowning!) Since having children though I find myself being repelled by all of my old habits, I mean football outside, in the winter?!?! That just plain weird, winters evenings are for lazy clothes, wine and candles!! Dancing in town – no thanks the cues for the loos are always way too long and I don’t think my post baby holding control could cope. And then there’s our spur-of-the-moment jaunts to the beach in the van – there is nothing spur-of-the-moment about having to pack for kids and the thought of spending a night in the van with my beloved family makes me feel slightly quezzy…maybe when little miss s and master r are a bit older (can sleep in their own tent!)

So the young man in out mortgage meeting filled in my hobby and interest box with…

Hannah enjoys spending time with her family and writing.

That is what my free time has been summed up into… spending time with my family is not a hobby, it’s a way of life, it’s my job and its what I do, sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes not so much! And he wrote writing because I panicked just said something, anything that might have made me seem less lame!

We didn’t get the mortgage, obviously based on my lack of hobbies and interests– so by the next meeting I need to be more interesting! Ideas on a postcard please x

thompsons (54 of 65)

my hobby!


There it is again, the music in my head!

Master R is now 5 ½ months old!!! How did that happen?! It seems like only yesterday that he was evicted and started life as the forth member of the Thompsons. At the same time it feels like the little man has always been here and I can’t for the life of me imagine life without him now…

Him and all his little quirks, he is soooo unlike little miss s its untrue, as I have written before we did not get off to the best of starts with me not actually coping very well with the constant crying for the first 6-8weeks. The midwife said he would grow out of it, and you know what he did – and he has kept growing! At 5 months old he is bigger than little miss s at 9 months… he’s a big boy! He is also a stubborn little thing, he has just started this delightful angry growl if he is unhappy about something – it is the cutest as I have this angry 5 month old growling at me because he wants his toy or bottle or any of the other very important life items to a baby!

The boy is also a complete flurt, he has lots of fans around the village we live in and it takes me ages to go anywhere with everyone wanting a smile and look at his hair… he has rather a lot of hair! Unlike little miss s he is not selective when it comes to smiles and he will smile at anyone – luckily the excited sequel has been reserved for only his favourite people! All in all he is a happy little chap, he is now on the move too – the other day he had managed to belly, roll wriggle himself under the sofa! Today after squeal from his cot, I was greeted by baby legs and baby arms stuck between bars across the cot – I honestly have no idea how he managed it but he was still smiling! He adores his older sister and watches her every move, he even seems to enjoy being climbed all over and talked at like one of her dolls! The bond they are starting to create is amazing to watch and cements my decision that I didn’t want just one child. As much as they get on they have also started to gang up on me a little… hence the music in my head!

On the days when we have started the day at 5.30am, had the ‘go back to bed’ discussion until 7am, had the get dressed, clean your teeth, we are going to be late for school, put your coat back on battle on until 8.30am… by 4pm we often get some lovely tandem screaming from the little cherubs, this is when I, if all else fails, put them in their rooms, sit on the stairs and listen to the music in my head – last Friday we had a little ‘Fire Starter’ today a little ‘Cwm By Yar’ (I have no idea how to spell that!) but all it takes to forget the ‘world is ending’ meltdown is a smile from my cheeky chap and a cwtch from the little madame.

Master R has well and truly settled into his role as the noise machine in the house, Little miss s is the performer, Dan is the ring master and I think I am pretty much the clown! I cannot wait to see this little man grow and start getting his own back on his big sister, I also have bets on his first words being ‘Let it go’ thanks to our little performer!


my little monsters!


getting a bit big!


my little helper

to share or not to share?!

Since starting this blog and becoming a fan of other blogs and instagram accounts there has been a niggerling question sat in the back of my mind – what consists of too much information?

This is a conversation Dan and I have had A LOT! He believes that our photos and moments should be kept as just that and not broadcast on social media and that it really is no ones business if little miss s has slept through the night or if I am having a particularly rubbish day! His point is that I should spend more time in the here and now and stop thinking ‘oo profile pic’ or ‘that would be a funny status’ whenever something happens. You know what, I kind of have to agree with him. (I hate saying that!)

He took me away for my birthday on a brilliant trip to Dublin – it wasn’t until we got into the departure lounge at the airport, drink in hand that I realised that I had left my phone in the car – shockingly my first thought was ‘oo no I cant instagram my Dublin pics’ a close second was ‘ how will my mother-in-law contact me about the kids if needed’…reality check. I spent a phone free weekend engaged and present in every conversation and in every moment – it taught me a valuable lesson that life needs to be experienced and enjoyed in the present, not in the facebook pictures you post for everybody else, ok so I knew this before but I kind of get it now!

I will be the first person to admit that I am such a voyeur and I love nothing more than to scroll the numerous instagram accounts that I follow admiring other peoples lives, homes and children. Its this last one that has been giving me grief over the last few weeks, I love posting pics of my little ones on instagram and yes writing about them on here. I’m not sure what it is but I enjoy seeing them, I also enjoy the likes or comments a pic may get – self indulgent? Probably! But if I dig a little deeper it may have something to do with the self doubt and insecurity being a mum can often bring – in a job you get appraisals, reviews and a pay rise if you do well! As a mum your not given a manual, a progress report or a pat on the back when your child first uses the loo on their own – not a big deal? HUGE deal in my life! I think that by people liking my pictures, good angelic kids or little monsters it’s a pat on the back that a. im doing ok and b. I am not alone. There are mums out there appreciating my pic of a three year old tantrum because they feel my pain and they, in that moment like the pic because they too have been there! And yes these pictures and these comments make me smile!

I have made a decision to be a little more careful/clever about what I post, partly to respect the views of my husband and father of the munchkins (so he kinda gets a say!) and partly because you really don’t know who is looking at them and can take the photo to use on such things a beautiful baby competition etc due to the beautiful children I have, obviously!

This blog will continue to over share as this is my brain dump I’m afraid so expect more wonderfully thrilling stories of life with the munchkins – I may even write a post one day about grown up stuff…maybe!

A family photo without sharing too much!

A family photo without sharing too much!

doing davina

I’m going to say it. Motherhood has ruined my body.

Yes in the obvious stretch mark, bladder control kinda ways but in soo many more sinister and backhanded ways. I want to get fit again, after putting my body through 9 (10!) months of stretching, aching and changing twice its time to get the young 26 year old bod back…

Easier said than done, as I mentioned before, motherhood has broken me – but only because now that I’m a mum I have to sit on the floor so my knees are shot and everytime I get up I cant feel my feet. Now that sleep is a distance memory and a lie in is 7am. Now that my relaxing ‘me’ bath time has been hijacked by Peppa Pig figures that just stare and judge the whole soak. Now that my daily walks which could have been good exercise take forever due to a nosey 3yr old. Now that a good night out involves good food, good wine and straight to bed with no dancing after to burn it off.

But most of all, now that after a day of chasing after two little monsters all I want to do is stop, put on the lazies, pour the wine and eat the chocolate and get lost in some awful TV – not a really great diet/body happy routine! (right now as I type this I am in my onsie, eating a dairy milk and may have just finished a beer…fail!)

Because of my tendency to drink a little vino in the evening I have been trying to counteract this with a bit of Davina. On the mornings that little miss s goes to pre-school I get up, get her ready, drag her to school and then master r and I spend a quick 15 minutes getting down with Davina. I have only managed the 15 minute quick routine so far as I really don’t think my soul could cope with anymore, especially since my lovely son who has only really just learnt to laugh is in absolute stitches everytime!

So I have made a start, I am only 3 weeks in and already I am getting irritated by how happy Davina is about exercise but hey ho the privacy of my living room is where I am going to stay… for now!

Anyone have any tips for some lazy, quick ways to a goddess bod? All advice welcome (well apart from stop drinking wine!)

holiday madness

Last weekend we went away for a few days, that was 7 days ago, I think we are just about over it! When did it last take 7 days to get everyone back into sleep routines, get all washing done and finally not feel like I need another holiday to recover from it… but you know what… it’s a mad rush of toddler, baby and husband madness but I wouldn’t change it (ok maybe the three in the bed bit!)

I also don’t know when I became organiser, packer and navigator for our mini trip away. Dan came home from work a little early on Friday for us to leave and miss traffic – he wanders through the door and says “So are we ready? Car packed yea?” when did I become his mother? Ok so I get that I have to pack for OUR children and myself and make sure we have all the holiday essentials… Elsa, Anna, Sven, the emergency dummy and not forgetting the toothbrushes. As it was Dan only had to pack for himself and he forgot his toothbrush!

So the car was obviously magically packed by the fairies and we were off. It took us HOURS to get to West Wales, first there was a loo stop for little miss s, then a shopping stop for Dan, then a food stop for master r, then a side of the road layby wee stop for little miss s, then a side of the road swap the child seats round so that little miss s couldn’t reach (poke) master r and I ended up in the back, the screaming stopped!… then we got lost. Now I mentioned before that I was a navigator – apparently not a good one as mid directions Dan stopped and got out his phone for the satnav, seriously I had the map in my hand giving directions – do all partners do this?! As it was I had a mini wife strop (sooo the best kind, all with hushed swear words so the kids didn’t wake up!) the phone got put away and we did it the old fashioned way… we left at 3pm and got to Newport, West Wales at 9pm = EPIC!

This easy journey was made so much more time consuming and challenging due to the two little munchkins that pretty much make everything more time consuming and challenging… but where is the fun in easy?!

After a day on the beach both kids were totally fresh-aired out and Dan and sat on the sofa in our lovely holiday cottage, drank a beer and watched X-Factor. It got me thinking about the last time we were both on holiday without kids, ok so there was the very tearful and ‘probably a bit to early after birth’ ski trip to Norway here but the last time it was truly just the two of us was our honeymoon, our perfect honeymoon in Canada where we drove, discovered and dreamt up our future together. It made me realise how different our holidays have become…

Pre kids : stress free, relaxed chauffer driven car to the airport
Post kids : aagghhhhh car, stuff, kids, more stuff, frozen soundtrack sing-along

Pre : a night of husband and wife-ness
Post : three in the bed and the little one said ‘get out dad!’

Pre : reading books, listening to music with time to get bored
Post: reading? sitting still? bored?… crab catching, wave jumping, sandcastle building and driving on the beach!

Pre : candlelit late evening romantic meal for two
Post : early evening pizza oven special for 3 ½ followed by beer and X-factor

Pre : fish and chips to watch the sunset on the last night in silence
Post : fish and chips to watch the sunset on the last night, “mum what’s that” “mum can I have that” “mum why is the sun red” “look mum the sun plopped into the sea” “mum the sky’s awake, so I’m awake”

Going on holiday without the munchkins definitely had its upside but if I’m being totally honest, it really wasn’t as much fun – the pure happiness and pride that you get from watching your child overcome a fear of the sea and the look on their dads face when they get covered in sand ‘again’ just before getting in the car is just priceless!

Last week I received an email from an old school friend who has started up her own business as an independent travel agent, as she is independent she can book all the normal tour operators like Thomas Cook, Kuoni, Virgin, etc but can also dynamically package things that are a bit more out of the ordinary if you need that kind of service – now I can see how this could be very useful when the travel cot, buggy, backpack and hair chair just wont fit in the suitcase! I am yet to use the lovely Emma’s service as I’m not sure a friends cottage in West Wales required her help but as soon as we start looking for something a little more adventurous we will be giving her a call – and trust me I thinks she knows what she is on about, I have shamelessly facebook stalked her for a while and some of her beach and sunset pic’s are amazing – they kind of put my Porthcawl sunset a little in the shade…just! So if your thinking of booking up a holiday why not look her up… Infinite Travel

It makes me so excited for all the holidays that we have to come, I am hoping to take little miss s on a cultural trip to the ballet sometime (my big sis is some sort of prima ballerina don’t you know!) and we have a big family trip booked up for next year. It also highlights how organised you have to be once you have kids, the days of one backpack and your passport are gone you now have to either travel with the kitchen sink or go somewhere geared up for what you travel buddies require but I’m not sure I’ll ever find better travel buddies! (well that depends on if I have to map read again.. Dan may be walking!)


when it was just us we were still silly


ahh the days when we could afford to stay here!


family holiday essential, wilma shoes and bucket!


new beach gear, sooo useful!


packing light!

p.s. This is my first sponsored-ish post. If any of you contact Infinite Travel for advice and all round holiday guru-ness please quote ‘everythingketchup’. Muchos Grasias! x

old, me?

People say to act your age not your shoe size – now I’m a size 3, how nice would it be to be able to act like a 3yr old! I could have someone brush my teeth, wash my face and dress me, I could scream out ‘Let it Go’ at the top of my voice in Sainsburys and have people think I’m adorable I wouldn’t have a care in the world, for my world would be to eat, play and sleep, with the occasional musical number!

As it is I am turning the big 3 0 next month and I am not really sure how I feel about it yet, I have nothing planned (hoping hubby has that covered but this could be my first terrible 30yr old mistake!) and to be completely honest I actually only feel 21-ish.

The other day my age well and truly hit home, whilst out for a walk with the kiddos we spotted a lad roller blading. I’m not sure what it is but I always get a little nervous when passing teenagers, its not because they intimidate me – truth be told its because I actually think that I am ‘down with the kids’ I honestly think that they must look at me and maybe age me in my early 20’s?!?!? I passed him honestly thinking to myself that I could still do that, I very, very nearly stopped to ask him about if he can grind or do jumps. I was even going to mention how I used to play roller hockey in my mighty ducks shirt?!?!!? Agrhh! I am so glad that I stopped and took stock of how I may have appeared to him… yellow mac (it was spitting!) pram with a newborn screaming, and an unruly pre-schooler wearing a tutu, a mum, old! I have made a little promise to myself that my 30’s are going to be my decade, I am going to step out of my comfort zone, try new things and push myself personally and professionally. I’m going to try and be a better baker (by which I mean not burn every cake I make) a better mum (put my phone down more and be more present) a better wife (maybe cook for him once or twice?!) and maybe just maybe welcome another little T!

I have one month left of being in my 20’s and to say that they have been jammed packed is an understatement, there has been tears, laughs and kids! I have moved to Bristol and come home to Wales again, married my soul mate, kept and made some wonderful friends, travelled the wilds of Western Canada, survived 3 weeks in a van on a road trip with only 3 gears, swam in the chilly seas of West Wales, laughed a lot, cried a fair deal, loved and lost, worked for my independence and my greatest achievements of all welcoming little miss s and master r into the world.

20’s Thank you, you’ve been pretty good!!

Bring It

pushing my luck

Its Friday night, I am in my lazy’s and the littles are in bed – I am also eating peanuts trying to be healthy imagining they are chocolate buttons! In a quiet moment it’s great to reflect and I cant help but chuckle about a day I had last week, it pretty much sums up my life lately and if you didn’t laugh you would crack up!

The days goal was simple – get paint for kitchen and do a food shop. This sounds easy doesn’t it?! Add two kids, one tired mum and a few hefty rain showers to the mix and we had all sorts of fun!

After a morning for little miss s in music and at a friend’s house we made our way to Newport. I decided to go to a retail park where I could get paint and food only parking once…

So…park, pram out of boot, baby out, toddler woken up and dragged out of car, into shop

In we go to Wicks to try and find the paint for the kitchen, no paint for the kitchen but they did have some blackboard paint for a DIY blackboard I was planning so we left with one tin of blackboard paint.

So… back to the car, pram in boot with paint. It’s raining now and we have no coats so cue manic dash to the car and back to Aldi for the food shop. Bit of a dilemma as master r is asleep so do I wake him up and put him in the trolley baby seat or keep him in the car seat?

Car seat it is, on one of those trolleys with a tray – only issue with this is that at 5ft I cant see a bloody thing, this was made very evident when I crashed into a display on entering the shop. So massive bang accompanied by master r waking up and letting everyone know about it and also little miss s who really, really needed to sit in the trolley. For a quiet life (and you really do have to pick your battles!) little miss s is now in the trolley and we are getting all ‘supermarket sweep’ about this shop and getting it done as soon as we can. But something catches my eye.. Blackboard pant – I need blackboard paint, great, in the trolley it goes. We then pay, with just one screaming kid as little miss s has managed to eat a plum through the wire packaging it came in…great.

So… back to the car (in the rain with no coats) baby in, round the car, toddler in, wipe toddlers face, boot open shopping in on top of pram wheels. Boot shut and then the mad mum dash to the trolley park whilst you leave your kids in the car – can’t find another trolley to plug the money thing into so forfeit the £1 as I am now puffed, quiet far away from the car and getting rather wet.

This was when I made a huge mistake – I should have gone home, at this pint the day wasn’t too bad, but no I decided to drive 10mins to the next town to try B&Q for paint.

So… park, shopping out of boot, then pram out, shopping back in, baby out, grumpy sleepy toddler out, into shop.

Paint is found in record time and with little fuss so we get two tins and pay with no issues. And as B&Q is next to TKMaxx it would have been rude not too have a quick look at the home bits and bobs – BIG mistake!!!!! Cue 5mins in the shop and I have two very bored children who were not scared to let the whole of the shop know – we make a swift exit, only after little miss s ran off, yes I was ‘that’ mum yelling at their kid across the shop.

So… back to the car, baby in, toddler in, boot open, shopping out, notice the extra tin of blackboard paint…crap! Pram in, notice that the two tins of paint that I just bought are tile paint NOT cupboard pant…pram out, shopping in, baby out, toddler out back into shop.

Ok by now I was getting a bit tired and just really wanted to go home – so back into the shop to change the paint and wait for the lady that can do refunds and exchanges. By this point little miss s was VERY bored, she demonstrated this by swinging on the exit barrier whilst I waited to pay, master r on the other hand just screamed!

So I did what every mother would do at this point… offered the lady at the till a two for one offer on children. She actually laughed and said ‘no way!’ – how rude, my little cherubs are a delight! And back to the car we go..

(yep still raining!) Baby in, toddler in, boot open, shopping out, pram in, shopping in, mum in and home!

So the lesson learnt – don’t try to do too much in a day with two kids and half your brain. You also really don’t need two tins of blackboard paint – but the two bottles of Aldi Prosecco were a must!

Team Thompson... note the bags under my eyes!

Team Thompson… note the bags under my eyes!

taking stock

wow! How things have changed here in Thompson towers. My last blog was over 3 months ago and gave you all an insight into the world of pregnancy… that period is now well and truly over!!

I’d like to introduce Master R, born on the 29th May via elected C-Section and the little mummy’s boy is settling in nicely. (finally!)

Master R

It has taken me up until now to find time to write a blog as over the last 9 weeks I have been totally up to my eyes in nappies, bottles and toddler tantrums! I had forgotten what having a newborn was like, how they are relying on you for everything and how lost you can get in their stare whilst feeding. Over the past two months I have had ups and downs and lots and lots of tears (happy ones too!)

It is hard to admit but I can honestly say hand on heart that I have found the second child experience totally exhausting – my choice to have an elected C-Section was so right for me in the long term (no one wants to shit-sneeze!) but for the first few weeks I was convinced that I had made a terrible decision, as I battled with the ‘I didn’t give birth’ demons and how blinking painful the recovery was. Now, I like to think that I have a pretty high pain threshold but this hurt…lots! Mentally I was so tired as Master R failed to settle at all, he cried ALL the time and nothing would calm him down, in my mixed up mind it was him getting his own back as he had been evicted before he was ready! Add to this feeling my completely crap tits… yes I would love to breastfeed my children and if another doctor asks me if I tried hard enough I am going to slap him with my broken boobs (sorry totally another post altogether!) mastitis and thrush and just blood made feeding soo painful that by week 2 I was done.

Hand on heart the first six weeks sucked! I know I shouldn’t say this, I know I should be in this brand new baby bubble of love and wistful looks and it should have been love at first sight… it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong I love the little monster and always have, I just didn’t like him very much for the first six weeks of his life, hence tears and guilt pretty much everyday. I think Dan thought I was having a mini breakdown (again!) he even grassed on me to the midwife!

Then I went on a hen do.

My constantly crying baby and troublesome toddler were abandoned by their mother and left with their Dad (sorry Dan!) probably at a time when my feelings should have been taking a back seat. But sorry I went, I drank and danced and laughed and had a good time, I was allowed to be me again. In doing so I missed my little crying baby and troublesome toddler and for this weekend I am forever grateful. I was able to take a breath and go back in for round two feeling refreshed and ready.

And you know what – I think I’m winning round two. Master R has settled down and is a smiley and content(ish) little man and as for little miss s, well she is still insisting on lots of cuddles with master r but at least she has stopped putting her fingers in his mouth! As for me, I’m ok – its hard but it was never going to be easy but it hurts how much I love my little family, and I think I my have to buy some shares in Prosseco!