the nightlight project

Nightlight DIY



As you will all know I have tried to DIY it up a few times since being a mum, from the amazing tent that I spent two hours making and little miss s played in it for two minutes! The pallet shelf that I made and then moved house and didn’t put it up again and my personal favourite were the t-shirts I made for little miss s that I may have smudged slightly before they dried!

I have now hit new DIY crafty territory, the actual toddler craft fun where as a fun loving and teacher of a mother you should allow them or explore their inner creative self… I seriously struggle with this!! I cannot cope that my child is unable to glue just the one thing at a time or that hands and feet interfere with the final product! I have to hold my hands up and come clean about the fact that I am definitely one of those mothers who ‘help’ a lot more than they probably should. I am already planning ‘little miss s’ first entry to the craft tent in the local show next year… I will do better than the highly commended I got as a kid!

The other day we made these lovely leaf lanterns using PVA and an old jar, I am ashamed to say that I may have maybe redone it a little after little miss s went to bed – don’t get me wrong she did a lovely job but it just wasn’t stuck properly… ooo im so bad! I must let go…

Autumn crafting

Autumn Crafting

With the introduction of Pintrest into my day I am hoping that my adult crafting can take more of a front seat – I love the idea of making something from scratch and re-using old household items for new pieces. Maybe this way my poor creatively starved daughter can let her hair down! I will try and keep you all updated with the DIY MAMA progress.

A few items already dotted around my home…


I can safely say I didn’t help (much) with this creation, and not even this will make her use the damn potty!!


DIY artwork for my bedroom,  Love waking up and seeing these everyday x


Gotta love a DIY geo-stag



An original little miss s print


Party DIY with thanks to K



Last night I spent the whole evening sewing white rags onto a baby grow and leggings… It was then that I realised that I am totally and utterly into this ‘mum’ thing, and at the same time slowly turning into my own mother!

It has taken me some time to get to grips with the fact that this is forever, that this little person is relying on me to get up in the morning and look after them. It has taken me a while to come to the realisation that this is it. From now on it just gets more and more fun… When little miss s starts taking and never stops and hopefully when we decide to add to our clan, this really is the start of it.

I have always been a little bit in denial, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I would get bored of looking after a baby everyday, that I wouldn’t meet any other mums that liked the same things I did, that I would inevitably be crap at this – I have a bit of a habit of giving things up… The guitar, the trumpet, hockey, dance, football, uni, jobs! – this was the one thing that I couldn’t give up, and you know what? I don’t want to! (good thing eh!) I love looking after little miss s most days (sorry but mum needs just one day to work and recharge the brain, also a great day to get the eyebrows done!) and I have met some of the most wonderful people, who just like me LOVE wine, food and just a good’ol natter. These are new friends that I hope will become old friends!

So I have baked the first birthday cake and next on my mum tick list was a homemade Halloween costume… que the curtain sheets we used for our wedding decoration (if anyone needs any white material let me know!!). The first attempt was a ghost – basic, classic and easy right? Nope! Little miss s took a major dislike to the sheet and had a mini ‘end of the world’ meltdown so the second effort is a mummy and I must say using wine bottles to emulate little miss s’ legs was a stroke of genius…

Poor little thing, as her mum I thought she looked amazing and was utterly proud of my efforts although she doesn’t seem to happy! Is this child cruelty I have well and truly become a homemade DIY mum,bring on the Christmas cards!






DIY day…

Today is a Sunday which means the hubby goes off to rugby and I get a quiet morning with little miss s, other than that there were no plans. These days can either turn out to be boring and mundane where you just sit and wait for Monday, or the hubby and I can actually do something productive!

This afternoon we were productive – Dan spent some much overdue quality time with Jean Claude and I faffed around making little miss s a tent, now this is not a necessity item and she is really probably too young to actually play in it but I saw this idea on the tiniterweb a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to give it a go.

Ok so this is what it is supposed to look like…


Looks lush doesn’t it, I was pretty sure that mine would not compete with the chic’ness of this as my cover was going to be an old bed sheet – this is DiY on a budget! I collected together my wood and stole Dans tools…



Now I LOVE power tools, I think it may have something to do with my height but I refuse to let Dan do the drilling and sawing for me, that’s the best bit, Funnily enough he didn’t offer to do the sewing bit! Dan is great he does let me just get on with it, I am however always reminded of the time I nearly cut off my hand with a chop-saw every time I go near his tools!

And in no time at all we had a frame, this may look sturdy but it was at this point that I had a mini Han-strop as it was the most flimsy piece of crap ever! I think I may have actually issued the words, ‘seriously everything I try and make turns to s**t I can’t be bothered, let’s just throw it out!’ ok so this may have been a slight over reaction…


And ta-da after a sewing melt down it actually now resembles a tent, I managed to sew up the slip for the pole without measuring the pole which led to the unpicking of the whole thing! At least i won’t do that again, add in one little miss s who did actually go in it after a bit of persuasion and I am pretty darn happy with my first tent efforts…





Next time a Tipi x