Nice to meet you, I’m Han

Ok so when I started this blog I was 27 and a brand spanking new mum with all the fears and anxieties that being a new mum brings. I lived in South Wales with my husband and baby girl and all in all life was pretty good – bar a little wonky face (read about it here!)

Fast-forward over 3 years, I am now in my 30’s and little miss s has been joined by master r and our little family is as mad as ever. When I started, this little bit cyber space became my venting outlet and I have fallen in love with writing and being a bit of an over-sharer! This blog is all about me and my life, weirdly having a child has given me so much more to talk about so I blog about all things baby – and for those not so baby orientated there are a couple of randoms thrown in for good measure.

Everythingketchup is because I am known for loving ketchup, I used to have it on my christmas dinner – I have since matured to gravy but still love a good bit of sauce!



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