I googled it…

So it happened, I became a mother of three little cherubs. Joining Little Miss S and Master R is Little G, born/evicted nearly two weeks ago he has been settling himself into our world. By far my most chilled out baby he eats, sleeps and poo’s – I’m sure in an attempt to avoid his big brother and sister ‘playing’ with him he stays asleep for as long as he can, although can often be found wide awake at 1am!

So, with Little G being my third child I thought I had this kid thing figured out, turns out maybe not! You forget a lot – it’s only been 3 years since Master R was a newborn but everything seems new and scary again. Whilst in hospital I was labelled the experienced mother, in reality I was just more aware of what happens when you go home and had the confidence to ask more questions. Why has it taken me to have three children to finally ask a midwife how to breastfeed properly and to refuse to go home as I felt rushed? In reflection why didn’t I ask these questions after little miss s? I suppose I was young, in massive shock and above all stubborn to prove I could do this – in reality I was super scared, naive and embarrassed that a s**t-sneeze was an actually reality after horrific tearing, I could have done with a little of my new found confidence, to just step back and ask why had I teared? how do I hand express? and why is it soo hard? With Master R I still didn’t ask – this time round I faced the whole new birthing experience that was a C-Section, and let me tell you that is not easy! No pain beforehand makes you feel slightly freaked out and questioning whether the crinkled little newborn actually came from you (cue the baby blues!!) and the debilitating pain afterward I was not prepared for – and the pants… I’m still wondering how I got pregnant again after the size of the pants!!

As I said third time around I feel so much more in control (well, we all know Little G is the boss but hey!) if I don’t understand something or don’t want to do something I won’t – If my nipples bleed when I feed then I won’t do it, I won’t struggle through – the other two were bottle fed and they are not less intelligent or more prone to colds and the only thing that is going to make them obese in later life is a love for McDonalds, NOT the fact they were bottle fed!

Don’t be fooled though – I definitely do not have this parenting thing down, Little G is 11 Days old and I have googled something every day, here is a little list of the late night googlings of a new mum – first baby, third baby we are all in this together…

How long can you leave a catheter in for?
baby sleeps a lot
Will my tummy be tender after a C-Section?
Trapped wind after a C-Section
Should my feet swell up whilst wearing hospital stockings?
How long should you wear compression stockings after a C-Section?
My baby doesn’t wake up to feed
How often should a newborn feed?
How often should I breastfeed my newborn?
How much does a newborn sleep?
Unique personalised gifts (push pressie!!)
How many ml should a newborn drink?
How to tell if your newborn is getting enough milk
Is my baby feeding and growing well?
Baby is really lethargic
Difference between regular sleepiness and a problem
Game of Thrones character list (new boxset obsession of Dans!)
Breastfeeding pain
Hard lumps in breastfeeding boobs
One week old baby with sticky eye
How to treat sticky eyes in newborns
When breastfeeding should you wear a bra to bed?
Newborn growth spurts
Baby only feeds for a few minutes

So reading through all of the above I think it’s safe to say I am actually a mental case… thanks kids!

Welcome to the Thompsons Little G xx


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