A day like today…

like butter wouldn’t melt…









I know I have been massively absent from this here little blog for a while but my life recently really has been a little eat, sleep, repeat. With two kids and a new shop it’s all been a bit crazy and not really at all noteworthy… and then today happens and I feel it requires documenting.

I feel like I need to set the scene – So I’m pregnant, like super pregnant and the boy has chicken pox, which in itself is a bit of a nightmare but last night and today was like my late baptism into motherhood. After a restless night before, last night Dan and I decided that he would sleep on the sofa and I would sleep in our bed with Master R, the spot monster…note to self the sofa is always the better option!

The night began with Master R well and truly ruling the roost – the pillows weren’t right, I was on the wrong side of the bed, then the wrong end and then the itching began and the moaning and rolling around. We finally got to sleep only to be awoken by something that looked like Dawn of the Dead, Master R had picked his nose and started a full on nose bleed. It was 3am and after an hour of nose whipping and blood splatter he finally went back to sleep – ok so it was on a bed with blood on but the spotty beast slept! Now if I wasn’t super pregnant I probably would have changed the sheets at 3am, it turns out that would have been a waste of time as round two commenced at 6.30am – blood dripping down his poor little face. So, I’m dealing with Master R and in walks little miss s… covered in sick! Oh the joy, the pure joy of deciding which bodily fluid I would clean up first – for those wondering, yes Dan is still on the sofa!

And a sick day for both kiddos began – we watched A LOT of telly and then they played and bickered their way through the day. We only had one real melt down when S head-butted R  – cue tears from everyone, I’m not sure why I was crying but it felt good!

Finally they went to bed, Dan tucked them in whilst I fitted in some work in preparation for the relaxing bath I was going to reward myself with. It goes quiet, I run the bath, pour in the posh bubbles, light the candles find the acoustic playlist and exhale. As I step into the bath for my hour of quiet and bliss the door suddenly crashes open and in comes a very awake Master R, slapping my bare bum and settling himself down for a chat. As Dan is out I decide to just leave him there, so my relaxing bath is interrupted, then filled with bath toys, he named my boobs John and Frida and then he decides that he needs a poo. Out the bath I get to wipe the little buggers bum, I leave the room to swill it out and on my return the little demon has blown out my friggin candles…

Guess what – he is still up and I’m sleeping on the sofa tonight!


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