the noise, oh the noise

There was one thing that was not mentioned when we discussed having children, yes we spoke about the sleepless nights, the poo and the sick and even the inevitable lack of social life. What we didn’t factor was the noise…

Today has been a day like no other, yes both kids were surprising well behaved, they didn’t do anything particularly naughty and they both ate all their tea but I find myself wound sooo tightly that bath and bed was done in record time! For today they have not stopped making noise! That’s what kids do I hear you all say, but this was not just any noise, this was little miss s waking at 6.15am and not actually stopping or being in another room until she dropped at 7pm tonight. That is over 12 HOURS!!!!! We had beautiful renditions of, of course ‘Let It Go’ and then a whole host of Christmas songs. We had ‘Mummy, say hello to Jesus’ a lot and at one point she was running around the house in a cape saying ‘I am super Linda’?!?!?! Linda? I don’t know where she gets these things. Add to this master r and his wingey teeth and its been like water torture, at one point whilst feeding the littlest (obviously little miss must sit on my feet for this) he was whining, she was singing, this stupid singing dog was singing, the radio was playing and the washing machine was doing that last cycle mental thing… I thought my head was going to explode. I escaped to the loo at one point only for little miss s to emulate Sheldon with “‘knock’ Mummy, ’Knock’ Mummy, ‘Knock’ Mummy, are you having a poo, do you need any help?” (side note, I was locked in the loo for some peace not even needing it!)

It made me think that yes, this is driving me mad but at any other time of my life pre-kids I may well have exploded in a cloud of swear words – I suppose this means that I may have developed a little of what they call patience and tolerance. With kids these two traits go hand in hand with every other ‘mum’ skill – they allow you to get through days like today and allow you to look forward to hearing ‘let it Go’ or ‘ Away in a Manager’ for the umpteenth time tomorrow. (although I am going on a plane with little miss s for 2 hours this week… I’m taking headphones!)

Today was a rare day, don’t get me wrong usually I like the chaos but for some reason today my head just wasn’t in the right place, that and the fact that Mum is now being said Mmmuuuummmm just grinded. Hence why both kids may have been bathed and put to bed a little earlier, the chocolate orange has been consumed (so I may be on number 5 before Christmas , oops) and I am staring at the Christmas drink trying to be good… and its quiet!

sometimes they make you wana...

sometimes they make you wana…


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