Mums the word…

Mother’s Day take two!

This time last year I celebrated my first ever Mother’s Day, I wrote about it at the time

This year has been a little different…no Malteasers, I’ve apparently gone up in the world, this year I was presented (well left!) a lush bunch of tulips and some thorntons chocolate (consumed this evening) can’t wait till next year now (oooo could be hotel chocolate!)! I have also come to realise that I am just one of the important things in Dans life, I have always known this and today im afraid Rugby came rather high on the agenda, that and man flu! Today has been a mix of a teething, snotty baby and a husband with man-flu – now that really is what being a mother and wife is all about. Little miss s even gifted me with ‘come on Italy’ during the rugby… That’s my girl.

Happy Mother’s Day all the mums out there, I however think we should celebrate everyday. Being a mother isn’t a right it’s a gift – thank you little miss s for the bestest gift ever!



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