Happy Mums Day :)

A mother holds her children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever.

Happy mothers day to all those mums out there – I have had a lovely day, in typical Dan style I was awoken with Malteasers, wine and workout bands (not too sure about these, I did mention that he if ever bought me a frying pan for my birthday he would get hit with it! There’s something slightly wrong about overly useful presents!) all of which were wrapped amazingly in an ASDA plastic bag tied at the top – apparently little miss s takes after her Dad more than I thought.

We have had a great day visiting family and being busy, however once home we had some family time for three. Giving little miss s a bath before bed together is my new favourite time, even if Dan and I did end up having a water fight much to madame’s amusement! Now that little miss s is all tucked up in bed it’s time to crack open the wine and Malteasers infront of some crap tv… Bliss.

I hope that all you new mums, old mums and mums to be had a lovely day, it’s nice to be part of the most elite and privileged club in the world, however I may send little miss s shopping with Nin or Auntie K for my gift next year!





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